Quattro Seal.

Save Carbon. Protect Budgets.


Increasing the Airtightness of Buildings Drives Down Heating Demand

Are you facing financial pressure from rising energy costs ?
Are you working to net zero carbon ?
Are you looking to prevent wasting energy ?

We have the answer!


A Robust Sealing System for Preventing Air Infiltration In Buildings



  • Works on any fabric
  • Any shape & style
  • Will fill gaps up to 25mm
  • Choice of colours
  • All windows operate as before sealing

Applied in liquid form and it deforms to fill the gap exactly giving you bespoke gaskets


Increasing air tightness prevents air infiltration and eliminates wasted energy.

Typical Problems In A Leaky Building


DIY Fixes

Supplementary Heaters

High Energy Usage

Benefits from increased Airtightness

  • Substantial Energy Savings – (BRE) up to 27%.
  • Faster warm up times and longer heat retention.
  • Increasing air tightness eliminates wasted energy.
  • Boilers fire up less frequently using less energy and prolonging their life.
  • Reduced complaints with positive outcomes for productivity.
  • A warmer environment has positive outcomes for health.
  • Increasing air tightness improves sound proofing up to 10db with positive outcomes for concentration.
  • Reduction in cleaning and less use of environmentally damaging products.
  • Minimum Lifetime Measure 15 years as verified by Ofgem

We also treat –


  • Frame to wall gaps
  • Under Sills
  • Short Glazing
  • Glazing Bars
  • Loft Hatches
  • Around Exit Service Pipes

When it comes to the install its a no mess no fuss installation

Best of all we offer a 24/7 service at no additional charge

Our Clients

Local Authorities



Energy Management Companies

The Energy Savers named as winners of Wates and Lloyds Banking Group Sustainability Innovations Competition

Protecting our heritage


Quattro Seal is recognised by English Heritage as it is a fully reversible system, and has been used in many hundreds of UK listed buildings.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Some of our installations since 1991

New Emerging Problems

Leaky UPVC

We create new seals to give you a better standard of performance.

Heat Pumps

HEAT Pumps under performing

Quattro Seal a fast effective solution

Supporting a Circular Economy

Sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible.

Air Pressure Tests

Thermal Imaging

  • 1996 BRE test at BRE HQ – 53% reduction in air changes which equated to a 27% energy saving
  • 2004 BRE test at Wymott Prison – 80% reduction in air changes which equated to a 25% energy saving
  • BRE for EEC2, (later CERT) on domestic properties which showed 2.3 times the energy saving of traditional methods


Salix – Many of our clients have used Salix to fund their energy saving projects since its inception.

With the transformation in the market we are now being tagged into many decarbonisation schemes where Quattro Seal has been used to bring down the cost on what it costs to save a tonne of carbon.

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